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My wife is a scumbag-A written boss heroine

My wife is a scumbag-A written boss heroine

My wife is a scumbag-A written boss heroine

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[A sweet and energetic big dog top x a business genius and a tsundere cat sister, time-traveling top VS reborn bottom, ancient ABO, younger, with children]

Gu Qingci died unexpectedly in the last days and woke up as the scumbag wife of the heroine in an ancient ABO novel.

As a poor aristocratic family, he married a merchant's daughter. While eating soft rice, he looked down on his newly married wife. Not only did he treat her harshly, but he also took in several concubines. After squeezing out the money of the wife, he divorced her and married another. In the end, he was designed by his ex-wife who had worked hard to become the richest man in the imperial merchant and his current princess to be exiled, and died of hunger and cold.

When Gu Qingci came, a cane was stuffed in his hand to beat the wife who was kneeling on the ground, forcing her to give money and take in concubines.

Gu Qingci, who was full of desire to survive in the last days, knelt down in front of the wife.

The wife:? ? ? ! ! !

Gu Qingci's eyes were filled with tears and she looked pitiful: Sister, what is a concubine? Can I eat her? I only need my sister!

(Crazy hint: rich woman, hungry, food, woo woo woo, well-behaved, pitiful and helpless, can eat)


Ruan Zhi found that her wife, who was good for nothing except her beauty, had something wrong recently. She seemed to be stupid but not completely stupid. He

no longer disliked her for being full of money, and protected her everywhere. He took the initiative to give her the household goods. She was also in charge of all the farms and shops in the family. In order to exempt taxes, she even took the military scholar exam!

When Ruan Zhi thought she was going to have some big moves, she took her to see the eldest daughter of the current emperor and smiled mysteriously: Sister, do you want a wife? I will help you! After the divorce, you will still be in charge of all the industries. I only want a share of the dividends.

Ruan Zhi:...

After Ruan Zhi understood the wife's thoughts, she looked at her beautiful face and leaned close to her and whispered in her ear: If you want a dividend, you have to please your sister well. If you don't use the right method, I won't give it to you!


Later, in order to protect this soft and fragrant rice (not), Gu Qingci became the general of the state protection, the super-quality king of a different surname.

When attending the court meeting, the emperor wanted to give her a noble wife and several concubines.

Everyone thought that Gu Qingci was happy to thank him, but unexpectedly she said tremblingly: Your Majesty, you must not do that, I don’t want to go home and kneel down to count, please feel sorry for me!

I found this novel and wanted to share it with others who might be interested. As always, I’m not the author, just the translator\/editor.